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Top Best Rappers in Tanzania (2023 – 2024) By Fid Q

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Fid Q has just announced his picks for the best rappers in Tanzania, despite his own prominence in the industry. Known for his lyrical style and hip-hop flow, he was named one of the best rappers in Tanzania by MTV Base in 2016.

His deep insights into the genre and influential role in the Tanzanian music industry make his list important to hip-hop artists.

Best Rappers in Tanzania

Fid Q acknowledged the outstanding contributions of several artists who have significantly impacted the hip-hop landscape in Tanzania. Despite the fierce competition and numerous talented artists emerging on the scene, he has narrowed down his selection to a five artist who he believes have truly set the bar high in the past year (2023 -2024).

Artist NameKey AttributesSongs
Dizasta VinaUnique lyrical prowess, captivating storytellingAll Songs
Young LunyaDynamic flow, innovative styleAll Songs
Salmin SwaggEnergetic performances, catchy beatsAll Songs
Mex CortezSharp lyrics, smooth deliveryAll Songs
Fresh Like UhhhInnovative approach, fresh perspective on hip-hopAll Songs