VIDEO | Wakiroho Heri ft. James Yanguvu & Trey Blaise – Kumbe Ndivyo Ulivyo

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Kutoka Marekani mwimbaji wa nyimbo za Injili Wakiroho Heri ameachia video ya wimbo “Kumbe Ndivyo Ulivyo” akiwa ameshirikiana na James Yanguvu na Trey Blaise, Video tayari ipo YouTube.

This Song is personal to me. This song is my life testimony of how God can pick up a person from the dust and lift them up to sit with Kings. I know some of you can relate to living a life where you are despised, abandoned, and even forgotten. But our God is a God who can do so much more than we can believe or even ask for. He answers prayers and give us joy, peace and love from above.

He has returned my Joy, dignity, value, peace and makes me feel like I am still dreaming maybe this is not true… But guess what? That is just who He is. As you listen to this song, I pray that He will do the same for you.


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