Spirit Of Praise – Spirit Jazz Quartet (King Of Kings & Redeemed)

South African band Spirit Of Praise is out “Spirit Jazz Quartet,” a song with two versions, namely “King Of Kings” “Redeemed.”

“Spirit Jazz Quartet (Redeemed)” is a song of redemption with a focus on the work the Lord has done for the saints at Calvary and how much he can do, even now – thousands of heavens after His ascension into heaven.

“Spirit Jazz Quartet (King Of Kings)” amplifies the same message with a singular focus on the power of God. If you’re ready to look beyond the surface, you just might find out that there’s not much difference between both.

Bu the, as gospel numbers there’s no denying their potency and what they can do to the spirit of whoever would listen. Here, if you please, is a two-track, high-energy gospel fast that will excite and delight the body of Christ out there.

Spirit Of Praise’s “Spirit Jazz Quartet (King Of Kings & Redeemed)” is a fine addition to the body of Christian song out there and we’re sure that if you profess Christ you’ll have a wonderful time vibing with what this collective has put together.

Go ahead them and experience redemption from the words of Spirit Of Praise. No qualms.

Spirit Of Praise – Spirit Jazz Quartet ( Redeemed)

Spirit Of Praise – Spirit Jazz Quartet (King Of Kings)