Vigro Deep – In The Dark Ft. DJ Bucks

South African music producer is “In The Dark” with his pal and compatriot DJ Bucks. Oh, well, that’s the title of what the pair has just released.

Contrary to what the title might suggest, the song does not leave you in the dark. Instead, through the song, you easily walk into a season of illumination – that’s if you’re willing to be open and savor the song for what it is.

The two artistes on the song DJ Buckz and are not only friends; they have been hyping each other on Instagram. They have worked on a couple of songs before the one in review.

It is worthy of note that Vigro Deep, one of the key producers of music in South Africa, had taken the most feature spots on  DJ Buckz’s “Unboxed” EP. Now Baby Boy is returning the favor with a new album titled “Far Away From Home,” from which the song in review is taken.

It is clear from the outset that the two pals are also great together. Listening to them is a great pleasure that you’ll most likely want to be repeated. Well, it’s time to get “In The Dark” with them. There’s illumination in there. Lol.

Vigro Deep – In The Dark Ft. DJ Bucks