Djy Zan SA & Lemaza – Wena Maan

Djy and Lemaza hit it off with a new song title “Wena Maan,” one of the numbers on the recently released “Black is Brown Vol. 1” amapiano project.

The said project also has songs by other artists. Taken together, you have a sumptuous treat that we think you’ll love.

Assuming you haven’t checked out the project already, “Wena Maan” should be a good number to start with. This jam takes you into its orbit near-instantly, filling your spirit with lyrics that will stay with you long after you’re done listening.

For two artists that don’t have a long collaborative history, Djy and Lemaza show great creative connections to this song. It’s hard not to love them together and not to somehow envision them together again after this.

We’re all for good vibes, and we make bold to say that what they have just served will satisfy the musical hunger of many out there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into the yanos genre or not.

Of course this is not the finest from the duo. But with this song rises faith for another joint. Hopefully another. collabo drops soon. Until then, be grounded in the orbit of what’s playing. No qualms.

Djy Zan SA & Lemaza – Wena Maan