Djy Zan SA & Djy Ma’Ten – Retro Sounds Ft. Kyika DeSoul

Djy Zan SA and Djy Ma’Ten are out with an engrossing jam titled “Retro Sounds,” featuring fellow South African Kyika DeSoul. Call this a local meeting of champs and you wouldn’t be guilty of lying.

While the songsters are no avid collaborators, they have at least put together a song that is easy to love — a song that is energizing and with a message that will easily speak to the spirit of many out there.

The song is taken from the first volume of a recently released amapiano project, which also featured works by other artistes other than the ones on “Retro Sounds.”

The song in review, actually, is also one of the memorable numbers in the compilation mentioned earlier. In this song, you find three artistes at peace with themselves and keen to share their creative energy with you.

Every moment listening to their drop is an absolute pleasure, and whether or not you’re into Yanos, you’ll love this beat.

Djy Zan SA and Djy Ma’Ten made a great choice in Kyika DeSoul. The three artistes are mutually complementary, and we’re fine with them linking up again after this. Until then, it’s “Retro Sounds,” people! Let the music begin.

Djy Zan SA & Djy Ma’Ten – Retro Sounds Ft.