Mpho.Wav – In The Den Ft. Sun-EL Musician

Mpho.Wav is “In The Den” with fellow South African Sun-EL Musician, and we ask that you join them right now for an energizing musical experience.

For two artistes who don’t have a long collaborative history, the two hit it off on this number and the beauty of their connection is hard to miss, whether you’re into dance or electronic music or not.

“In The Den” is what it is, a song in which you can confidently hide, and for a long time too, without for once feeling the assault of boredom. And since today is Friday, you may want to include it among the songs to vibe to this weekend – and maybe beyond.

The lead singer has been making waves his own way. If you have not heard of him until now, then you probably haven’t been paying attention to the brave new world of South African music.

The gest artiste, Sun-EL Musician, runs a record label named for him: El World Music. And while he may not be the most prolific out there, there’s soul to his singing, and he’s made a name for himself as one of the artistes worth hearing in South Africa. Go ahead and join him and his pal “In The Den.”

Mpho.Wav – In The Den Ft.