Mimi Ni Bongo Flava : Episode 1 "Mkubwa na Mwanae"

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Episode 1:
Aslay opens up and tells his life story from his perspective, his voice on his own platform. In this episode Aslay explores his growth and breakthrough in the music scene. 

Aslay digs deep into the journey, the people and moments that inspired his journey into music.

Production Credits and Thanks to:
All Rights Reserved Rockstar Africa, LLC
Film & Editing: BM Visuals
Director of photography: Lameck Balili
Assistant camera/ Light : Khalfan Salum
Director: Wancy Chacha
Sound recordist : Ismail Mohsein
VFX/ Assistant editor : Lewis Keneth
Stylist : Goat Leony
Clouds TV : Joseph Mwanahapa
Executive Producers: Christine (Seven) Mosha, Leo Faya
Studio: Wanene Sound Studios


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