King & Queen Of African Gospel (Benjamin Dube , Rebecca Malope) – Zilungiselen’ (Get Ready)

Gospel Music aces Rev. Benjamin Dube and links up for an exciting number titled “Zilungiselen’ (Get Ready),” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

It’s a promise made and fulfilled for both artists, who had announced they had a project coming and bid fans look forward to it. So finally, the wait is over, and fans are chuffed with what’s out.

They should be. When you have two fabulous artists on the same number, you get something. It’s up to you to tap into that awesomeness right here and now and see why both artists are highly regarded in the world of South African gospel music.

“Zilungiselen’ (Get Ready)” might not prepare you for anything mundane, but you sure would love the energy embedded in this song. And if you’re a big fan of gospel music, you are in for a double thrill.

Benjamin Dube and have released a number that will generally appeal to many gospel nuts and even loves good music. “Zilungiselen’ (Get Ready)” might be just a single, but it’s charming enough to make us hope and look forward to a collaborative album from the two artists. So stay tuned for another possible collabo.

Benjamin Dube & Rebecca Malope – Zilungiselen’ (Get Ready)