Christina Shusho – Hararat Album Download

Christina Shusho Hararat Album Download
Are you a Music music lover, its brand new day as we present the latest track to add to your playlist. Get ready for an unforgettable Music experience as we present a song Christina Shusho Hararat Album Download.

Christina Shusho - Hararat Album Download

Christina Shusho Hararat Album Download,  Christina Shusho sings the following songs in this Album “Intro,” “Hararat,” “Agano,” “Fertilizer,” “Kaa,” “Kando Ya Mito,” “Mboni,” “Nikigusa,” “Nimekuja Kukushukuru,” “Niponye,” “Nimekupata Wangu,” “Nakupenda,” “Password,” “Kazi,” “Twasize Byose” ft. Alarm Ministries, “Kolela te” ft. ECAD Church Lubumbashi, “Okanisi Ngayi” ft. Moise Swana, “Senjela” ft. Jose Nzita, “Tulia” ft. Ikupa Mwambenja, “Asante Baba” ft. Jestina Kingsley, “Napepea” ft. Aaron K, “Sadjola” ft. Anitha Musoki, “Rebecca” ft. Mercy Masika, “Namjua” ft. Madam Flora, and “Mimi Ni Nani” ft. Benjamin Weston.

Renowned Tanzanian Gospel artist, singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, Christina Shusho, has released her 2023 Gospel album titled “Hararat.” The album features collaborations with various gospel artists, including Alarm Ministries on “Twasize Byose,” ECAD Church Lubumbashi on “Kolela te,” Moise Swana on “Okanisi Ngayi,” Jose Nzita on “Senjela,” Ikupa Mwambenja on “Tulia,” Jestina Kingsley on “Asante Baba,” Aaron K on “Napepea,” Anitha Musoki on “Sadjola,” Mercy Masika on “Rebecca,” Madam Flora on “Namjua,” and Benjamin Weston on “Mimi Ni Nani.” With 25 gospel songs, “Hararat” promises to be a treat for gospel music lovers.

Christina Shusho managed to record her very first album called – “Kitu gani. It became popular among Tanzanian publicity as soon as it appeared in the local shops. After a successful beginning, she recorded already two new albums – “Unikumbuke” and “Nipe Macho”. In general, her fans were able to enjoy 34 successful well-written songs.

The famous gospel singer is not only popular thanks to her unique talent and songs. She also tried herself as a professional model. Her hairstyle, outfit, and fashion looks, in general, are always chosen with great taste. Go ahead and stream, download and share all song available on “Hararat Album” by Christina Shusho.


  1. Intro – MP3 Download
  2. Hararat – MP3 Download
  3. Agano – MP3 Download
  4. Fertilizer – MP3 Download
  5. Kaa – MP3 Download
  6. Kando Ya Mito – MP3 Download
  7. Mboni – MP3 Download
  8. Nikigusa – MP3 Download
  9. Nimekuja Kukushukuru – MP3 Download
  10. Niponye – MP3 Download
  11. Nimekupata Wangu – MP3 Download
  12. Nakupenda – MP3 Download
  13. Password – MP3 Download
  14. Kazi – MP3 Download
  15. Twasize Byose ft. Alarm Ministries – MP3 Download
  16. Kolela te ft. ECAD Church Lubumbashi – MP3 Download
  17. Okanisi Ngayi ft. Moise Swana – MP3 Download
  18. Senjela ft. Jose Nzita – MP3 Download
  19. Tulia ft. Ikupa Mwambenja – MP3 Download
  20. Asante Baba ft. Jestina Kingsley – MP3 Download
  21. Napepea ft. Aaron K – MP3 Download
  22. Sadjola ft. Anitha Musoki – MP3 Download
  23. Rebecca ft. Mercy Masika – MP3 Download
  24. Namjua ft. Madam Flora – MP3 Download
  25. Mimi Ni Nani ft. Benjamin Weston – MP3 Download


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