Chicco & Fakelove – Nkao Tempela ft. Mellow & Sleazy

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Are you a music lover looking for the latest track to add to your playlist? Look no further. Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience as we present a song by Chicco & Fakelove – Nkao Tempela ft. Mellow & Sleazy.

Chicco & Fakelove – Nkao Tempela ft. Mellow & Sleazy

Popular Mzansi hitmakers, Fakelove, Mellow & Sleazy & Ch’cco have teamed up to deliver a new song, “Nkao Tempela”.

We all love a good offering on this end. Shout out to talented hitmakers, FakeLove, Mellow & Sleazy, and of course, Ch’cco for this new entry. The three have just delivered a new collaborative jam.

Each of them has been quite active on the scene this year and appeared on a of hits. Mellow & Sleazy especially have collaborated with huge names and delivered hit songs and mixes to the airwaves. They include the “Epic Amapiano Mix”, “Shaker Smart”, “Trust fund”, “Bopha”, “Ngeke”, and more.

Now, they’ve joined FakeLove and Ch’cco on this brand new entry. The song is titled “Nkao Tempela” and does not feature any additional contributions. Together, they all deliver impressive performances on the new song. So be sure to check it out and maybe add it to a playlist of choice.

Fakelove, Mellow & Sleazy & Ch’cco – Nkao Tempela

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