Blxckie – Blue Powerade

South African rapper unleashes great rap energy with a new song titled “Blue Powerade,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music.

The said song is part of a joint project the songster released with his pal. But that’s by the way. The songster did put a fine performance, and it’s hard not to love what’s out there.

Since he popped on the music scene in South Africa, has been on a great run, winning fans and accolades along the way for his rap gift. That gift is patently manifest in his latest drop.

“Blue Powerade” is intriguing not only in title but in how manages to create a rap experience that is pretty hard to forget. Yeah, this song will readily grow on you. Coming from Blxckie, this shouldn’t be surprising, perhaps.

Well, if, like us, you love a good time, you should take a break with this charming tune from one of the key voices in South African rap. We’re confident you might end up making space for this number on your playlist and keep the number there for a long time. Go ahead, then, and experience fierce rap energy.

Blxckie – Blue Powerade

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