Beka Flavour – First Born FULL ALBUM Download

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Beka Flavour - First Born ALBUM Download

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Tanzanian Bongo Flava Artist Bakari Katuti popularly known as Beka Flavour is here with his new ALBUM called “First Born” the Album contain 15 tracks with 8 collabo from different artis across Africa. Some of the artist including Naiboi, Barnaba Classic, Humble Smith, Linah, Aslay, Young Lunya, Enock Bella and Christian Bella.

Beka Flavour - First Born ALBUM Download

Some of the producers responsible for Beka Flavour’s ALBUM “First Born” including H Poul, K Zoo, Boy David, Erasto Mashine, Nevil, Mocco, Mafeeling, Jaco Beat, Mafia, Black Culture and Christony. Mixing and Mastering is done by Bob Manecky, Laizer Classic and Chizan Brain.


  1. Beka Flavour – Wivu Ft. Barnaba Mp3 Download HERE
  2. Beka Flavour – Tell Me Mp3 Download HERE
  3. Beka Flavour – Kaa Umo Ft. Linah Mp3 Download HERE
  4. Beka Flavour – Pasi Ya Pambe Ft. Christian Bella Mp3 Download HERE
  5. Beka Flavour – Napepewa Mp3 Download HERE
  6. Beka Flavour – Naoa Ft. Aslay X Enock Bella Mp3 Download HERE
  7. Beka Flavour – Unanichombeza Ft. Young Lunya Mp3 Download HERE
  8. Beka Flavour – Nakuona Wewe Mp3 Download HERE
  9. Beka Flavour – Bailamo Ft. Naiboi Mp3 Download HERE
  10. Beka Flavour – Siwezi Kunenepa Mp3 Download HERE
  11. Beka Flavour – Medula Mp3 Download HERE
  12. Beka Flavour Ft. Humble Smith – Gurantee Mp3 Download HERE
  13. Beka Flavour – Mtima Mp3 Download HERE
  14. Beka Flavour – Dunia Tunapita Mp3 Download HERE
  15. Beka Flavour – Somo Mp3 Download HERE